Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mangosteen An Alternatif to Cure HIV/AIDS

Mangosteen An Alternatif to Cure HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS is dissease that known caused by viruses are feared by many people because they have not found the cure is HIV. AIDS attacks the immune system manusia.Mangostin xanthones contained in mangosteen peel has been proven able to inhibit replication of HIV virus circulating (Vlietinck, 1998).

The results Vlietinck (1998) reinforces previous studies conducted in China that also concluded that mangosteen peel extract shows potential in inhibiting HIV-1 protease which affects HIV replication (Chen et al., 1996). It appears the mechanism of action is different xanthones with antiretroviral drugs (ARVs).

In addition to HIV disease, the research results lgnatushchenko et al. (1999) concluded that xanthones have a high potential for antimalarial activity conducted on animals percobaan.Meski not been tested clinically, xanthones are empirically proven to cure some patients with chronic malaria.
 In Indonesia today has found a magic herbal medicines that can fight HIV / AIDS on a regular basis. XAMthoneplus name, manufactured from the whole mangosteen fruit, meaning not only flesh but the whole skin. By using high tech machines that exist within a substance xanthones mangosteen rind diproduksi.XANTHONES is a substance in the skin of the mangosteen fruit has antioxidants consultant tinggi.Seorang HIV / AIDS in Bandung testify very confident that XAMthoneplus has saved 88 lives, nine of them already entry stage similar AIDS.Kesaksian also expressed by H. Ki Ageng S. Dewantara a herbal therapist who practiced in Bali asserted that as long as he uses XAMthoneplus for patients with HIV / AIDS, has 4 people healed and medically proven. The average period of the process leading to his recovery under 1 year. Mas Kurnadi also from Bali to testify about the greatness XAMthoneplus heal the sick with HIV / AIDS. A young man who had given up hope of her life because she was only a month due to HIV / AIDS. After drinking XAMthoneplus for 1 year, the young man now living healthy and long life.
The stories of healing people with HIV / AIDS which is retold by the people mentioned above, and because eating XAMthoneplus healing is not something surprising. Indeed healings are God's saving work, interfering hands, mu'jizatNya and His love is so great for humans. God has presented XAMthoneplus for people with HIV / AIDS and people with heart disease, breast cancer, lymph node cancer, diabetes, stroke, stress, Alzheimer's, mystenia gravis, etc.

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